Here at FLO. Cosmetic Medical Clinic, we incorporate the latest facial skin rejuvenation treatments in Perth with techniques to help restore your youthful appearance and glow. Start your Perth facial treatment with analysis and facial skin consultation.

We use only the purest forms of active ingredients in our bespoke Clinical Facials which allow for deeper penetration into the skin, correcting different concerns such as premature ageing, pigmentation, acne, dehydration and any other skin related problems of concern.

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Each Perth facial treatment we provide has been designed to give good results within 90 days at affordable prices.

You might also be interested in our Facial Contouring service in Perth.

Expect to be pampered and relaxed. This is YOU time.

At the FLO. Perth Cosmetic Clinic near Fremantle we are focussed on providing personalised, premium cosmetic treatment services using only state-of-the-art technologies. Our dedicated team aims to inspire our clients to feel their best and empower them to face the world the way they want to be seen.

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