Anti wrinkle injections are not only used for aesthetic purposes, they are also commonly used for chronic pain management. In pain management, anti-wrinkle injections work to cause temporary skeletal muscle relaxation and have an analgesic effect by reducing muscular hyperactivity.

Through use of anti-wrinkle medication for pain management, we can help patients live healthier, more comfortable lives.


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Because treatment is fast and non-invasive, most people are suitable for the procedure. Our registered nurses and doctors will carefully assess your situation and will be able to determine if this treatment can help ease your pain and give you the relief you need.

After cleansing the area, anti-wrinkle are made deep into the muscle using a fine needle. Any discomfort felt is minimal and brief. Anaesthetic is not required but a small vibration tool is used to optimise comfort.

Starting at $200.

At FLO. Cosmetic Clinic we are focussed on providing persionalised, premium cosmetic services using only state-of-the-art technologies. Our dedicated team aims to inspire our clients to feel their best and empower them to face the world the way they want to be seen.

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