Chrissy Teigen's excessive sweat treatment in her armpits

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“I can wear silk again without soaking woohoo!”

Teigen recently shared a video of herself receiving the excessive sweat treatment (anti-wrinkle injections) in her armpits to remedy the excessive sweating she has been experiencing.

Teigen tweeted that she had it done in order to prevent sweat from “soaking through” her clothing, specifically silk.  “Truly the best move I have ever made,” she said of the procedure in the video. 

Sometimes, excessive sweating can be a sign of serious medical conditions, especially when it’s accompanied by additional symptoms like unexplained fatigue, dizziness, chest pain, or flu-like illness.

What is Excessive Sweat Treatment?

Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating and odour can be an embarrassing and inconvenient daily struggle, increasing anxiety and affecting an individual’s emotional well-being.

Get excessive sweating skin treatment in Perth with anti-wrinkle injections at affordable prices. These injections can be used to provide relief from excessive sweating and odour
 anti-wrinkle injections reduce sweating by temporarily blocking the nerves responsible for activating your skin’s sweat glands.

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